3 responses to “MMMK1

  1. kelly herself

    O.M.G. I think the appliances are the only thing Jackie hasn’t written on …. yet. How do you get that off w/out removing the paint with it? (Just a hint; sunscreen gets it off of Little Tikes plastic pretty well.)

    • liz

      not sure if you have managed to get the texta off your appliences, but when my daughter did the same all over my mum’s kitchen i used baby wipes & that did the trick, or you could try bi carb soda, its a mild abrasive they recomend for white goods & you can mix it with water or white vinigar

  2. Tammy

    I just found this sight and saw this post. Brought back memories of when my son drew a lovely picture all over my kitchen floor with a sharpie marker. I called sharpie and found out they are alcohol based, so if the surface isn’t too porous and it’s not been there too long alcohol will take the marker off.

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