Rule #275

Rule #275:  Please do not write on our kitchen appliances with a permanent marker.

Thanks, Melinda K.!  And we’re all so sorry.


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11 responses to “Rule #275

  1. Jayne

    Get out the rubbing alcohol – it should take off the marker. It took off permanent marker from my tile and grout.

  2. trista

    Spray it down with hair spray and it will come off. May take a couple of applications of hairspray and vigorous rubbing, but it will work. Oh my, but that IS a thorough job!

  3. mpmitton

    A big blank space…a nice black marker…what to do…what to do? We have some of those pieces of artwork on the wood cabinetry and paneling of our house. 15 years later, they are still there. These days, the anger is replaced with a wry smile and nostalgia. I’m not so sure I would be able to do that if it had been the appliances though.

  4. Melinda

    On the advice of other friends, we used a Mr. Clean magic eraser. Worked wonders everywhere but the fridge. For that, some nail polish remover took off the rest. We’ve got some slightly bleached spots on the wood butcher block for nostalgia. That’s enough for me. 😉

  5. Ei

    Well my advice is use WD-40 and a soft cloth. Sounds weird but my eldest “decorated” his brand new radio flyer trike with a permanent marker when he was 2…found this tip online and you never could have told that he’d done it.

    I’m sorry …you have a prolific little artist on your hands there!

  6. Jill Fitzsimmons

    I always use a white board marker. . . if you trace over the permanent marker, then wipe it while it’s still wet- it’ll come off. You might have to go twice.

  7. Melissa

    Expo makes a “marker” that will erase permanent marker on whiteboards. I’ve used it to get my child’s artwork off of the venetian blinds. I found mine in the local teacher supply store.

  8. Crashley

    Try these, I have found them to be amazing…

  9. Rachel

    My fridge is very nicely decorated with whiteboard marker 😀 I love creativity

  10. Brandie

    If you have not already removed the maker from your appliances, OXY pads will remove permanent maker.

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