Rule #137

Rule #137:  Please do not draw on both sides of Mommy’s new car with a rock.

Thanks, Lauren C., and my sympathies too.


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5 responses to “Rule #137

  1. And don’t try to color in the headlights with a Sharpie. (Yes, this happened at our house — or to be precise, in our garage.)

  2. Lauren K

    omg….ours got the rock decoration treatment too
    He was so proud on himself….Look Mommy! Ta-Da!!!

  3. Joyce

    Hee – yup, we did that too. I’m really going to get payback now that I’m a mom, aren’t I? 🙂

  4. Amy

    Mine just got “decorated” with the scratchy seam of a plastic vending machine toy. Awesome!

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