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Rule #346

Rule #346:  Please do not pee in the shower at the Y.  And if you do, please do not announce it to the crabby old ladies there.

Thankfully, this was not my child.  I just overheard this conversation between a 4 year old and her horrified mom.

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Rule #345

Rule #345:  You have peed on your towel.  You may not lie down and cuddle with it.

Thanks, Meaghann B.!

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Rule #344

Rule #344:  I know you are sad, but you are not so sad that you must remove all of your clothes and/or go live at the park.

Thanks, Jessica BB!

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Rule #343

Rule #343: Good grief, Child. When you ask for something and I say, “Yes!” please do not ask for it 85 more times in the 30 seconds it takes me to get it.

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Rule #342

Rule #342:  Please do not drink from that sippy cup you found in our playset.  In June.  In 90 degree F temps.  Especially when Mommy is screaming, “DON’T DRINK THAT! DON’T DRINK THAT!”  But I guess that’s what they call “natural consequences.”


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Rule #341

Rule #341:  No arguing over whether your brother is hungry or not.   If he says he is hungry, you can just believe him rather than screaming at him to attempt to convince him otherwise.

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Rule #340

Rule #340:  Do not blame the lunch tray for throwing away your retainer.  If you can keep track of your iPod and your cell phone, you can also keep track of your retainer.

Thanks, Michele B.!


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