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Rule #77

Rule #77:  Just because your 9 yr old sister says that the ants will kill you doesn’t make it true.

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Rule #76

Rule #76:  FYI to the toddler…  It is not necessary for you to save up your absolute worst behavior for the following places:  the airplane, the middle school band concert, and grandma’s.


Thanks, Teresa S.!

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Rule #75

Rule #75:  It is not ok to drop bits of leaves, pieces of twigs, pebbles, etc. down the bathroom sink just because “they’re small enough to fit in the hole, so it can’t clog!”  (Mommy would explain the flaw in your reasoning, but she’s too busy plunging the drain right now.)

Thanks, Wendy W.!


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Rule #74

Rule #74:  When Mommy goes to the basement to do a load of laundry, it is not an invitation to scream, “MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!” at the top of your lungs.

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Rule #73

Rule #73:  You are old enough to do that when you can lick your elbow.

Thanks, Lauren C.!  And how many of you just tried to lick your own elbow?  (I know you did… admit it!)


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Rule #72

Rule #72:  Mommy is happy to play cats with you, but she draws the line at “licking your fur.” Sorry, kid.

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Rule #71

Rule #71:   Throwing a shoe at Mommy’s head is not a good way to welcome her home from her trip.


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