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Rule #153

Rule #153:  It is not (nor will it ever be) okay to give the kittens a bath in the toilet.


Thanks, Sabbath!  And I hope your kittens are okay.  😉


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Rule #152

Rule #152:  Please get ready after this game on Mario Kart. And when I say “after this game,” I mean next time there’s a short break. I do not care that you define “a game” as 4 races with 3 laps in each race. Or you can just PUSH PAUSE already!


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Rule #151

Rule #151 (for those in business suits at Qdoba):  If I were you, I wouldn’t sit at the table behind my toddler.  There’s a good chance he will rub quesadilla on your nice suit.

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Rule #150

Rule #150:  No, you may not play Mario Kart until it’s time to go to school. It’s probably a good idea to get dressed and eat breakfast first.


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Rule #149

Rule #149: Flinging yogurt on the floor will cause a ban on all yogurt products and earn you a one way ticket to your room.

Thanks to Julie who has the distinct honor of being “the worst mommy ever” to her kids.


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Rule #148

Rule #148: No, you may not come into the bathroom when I am taking a shower to see if I want to pet that stupid tiny plastic dog.

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Rule #147

Rule #147:  Things you may not do at the Iowa State Fair:

  • Run away from Mommy.

  • Put the entire hard-boiled-egg-on-a-stick in your mouth at once.

  • Rub sunscreen on Mommy’s shirt.


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Thanks to Aunt Carrie & Cousin Waylon (& Carter Birch too) for the rules & for a fun time at the Iowa State Fair.  We’re looking forward to you living closer.

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Rule #146

Rule #146:  Mommy is very tired of you throwing your shoes down the stairs whenever it’s time to put them on.


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Rule #145

Rule #145:  Please do not put that coin in your mouth.  When swallowed, it becomes a very expensive penny!

Thanks, Tanya S.!


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Rule #144

Rule #144:  That little fuzzy-lined slot on the van’s CD player is NOT for inserting coins.

Thanks, Kelly S., and enjoy your new CD player.  😉

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