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Rule #412

Rule #412:   Yes, I am capable of touching my nose with my tongue. No, I will not touch your nose with my tongue.


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Rule #411

Rule #411:   When you are eating pepperoni pizza, it is not okay to pull off the pepperoni & then get pepperoni from the fridge to put on your pizza so you can have pepperoni pizza.

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Rule #410

Rule #410:  You are not allowed to say loudly “Be sure you don’t drink ALL of that wine before Thanksgiving!  Save some for our guests!” as I’m loading several bottles of wine into the grocery cart.

Thanks, Jenn C.


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Rule #409

Rule #409:  Please do not use crayons on the cat.

Thanks, Allyson B.

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Rule #408

Rule #408:  When Mommy and Daddy are considering selling our house that happens to have a crack running along the floor of the garage, it is NOT appropriate to ask, “Mommy, are we going to sell the crack house?” LOUDLY.  At swim lessons.  In front of 20 other mommies.  If Mommy has to go to jail, I will no longer be available to drive you to swim lessons.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Thanks, Katie L.


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Rule #407

Rule #407: When you ask Mommy the question, “Can you bring me some dangerous things, please?” she will always, always say, “No.” And it does not make any difference if you use your manners.

Thanks, Kristina F.

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Rule #406

Rule #406:  It is not okay to loudly ask me in front of the cashier at the supermarket if they are a boy or girl and then scream that you “JUST WANT TO KNOW IF THAT PERSON IS A BOY OR A GIRL” when I tell you that it’s not nice.

Thanks, Vicki F.

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