Meanest Mommy is out of town

I am out of town at a birth conference.  I asked Meanest Daddy to write some guest rules, but he says that the kids are behaving perfectly so far.  Hmmmm…..  are they REALLY behaving better for him?  Or does he just want me to think that?


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3 responses to “Meanest Mommy is out of town

  1. Jennifer P

    It is called a Honeymoon…you will be back before it is over but rest assure it would have ended in a week!

  2. LeahB

    They DO! I swear they are their worst for their mommies. It’s a fact. We can pat ourselves on our backs for knowing that they just feel safe and secure enough with us. They know they can push us to the brink and we’ll always be back with hugs and kisses.

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