Rule #40

Rule #40:  Mommy is begging you not to open the locked door & run out while she is peeing in a public restroom.


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3 responses to “Rule #40

  1. This is one of my biggest fears! I always use the handicapped bathroom and make Henry hold onto the metal bar with both hands while I am going.

  2. Whitney McNeil

    OMG! This happened to me! Here I am, in a handicapped/family restroom (the kind with one toilet and a regular door), trying to pee while holding my 11 mo. old.. my 20 mo. old nephew opens the door and tries to bolt!! And right outside the door is the main play area for the Children’s Museum, I was SO embarrassed!

  3. I always remind the kids, “If you can still see Mommy’s underwear, you can’t open the latch yet.” Not that it always works without several reminders…. strangers in the next stall probably wonder why I’m chanting “underwear… no, wait, underwear… ok, now.”

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