Rule #73

Rule #73:  You are old enough to do that when you can lick your elbow.

Thanks, Lauren C.!  And how many of you just tried to lick your own elbow?  (I know you did… admit it!)


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4 responses to “Rule #73

  1. Shannon

    I didn’t…but I did when Lauren originally said it! lol

  2. I’m definitely going to use this one on my kids! Of course, they’ll probably ask if it counts if they lick each other’s elbows. There CAN be such thing as too much teamwork.

    • Lauren C

      Wendy it’s SO funny that you say this because that’s what my oldest said! “I can’t lick my elbow. . . but I can lick HER elbow! Does that count?”

  3. Oooo — good one! I’ll have to remember that one.

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