Rule #423

Rule #423: If the kid down the street is teasing your baby brother relentlessly, you should come home and inform me of it. Please do not get into an old school street rumble in which you (9 years old) and your 12 yr old sister gang up on the 8 yr old alleged bully, reducing him to tears, and sending him home to his mother. You should also not come home bragging that “another target has been neutralized.”

Thanks, Michelle C.



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5 responses to “Rule #423

  1. Oh – I totally disagree with this one! WAY TO GO big siblings! Protect your baby bro! 😉 [I do think that is really cool that they stuck up for their little brother – and I bet that stinking bully leaves them alone from now on!]

  2. I completely agree with Kelly. I think this rule is completely for show. In fact, I’ll bet this mom made a warm batch of cookies for her kids after the rule clarification! I know I would have!

  3. Sarah Reid

    I have to say, we tread such a fine line with my oldest (6) defending his sister (2). I want to encourage his instinct to protect her, while discouraging wanton violence. (I mean, another kid takes a toy from her, and he’s ready to take it to the mat…)

    I will also say, I’m glad to see other parents who don’t mind a little “street rumble” among kids… My grandma always told us kids that if another kid hit us, we should just punch them right back, lol. And she was not kidding.

  4. sheina rosenbluth

    I also disagree! One of my proudest moments was when two of my boys “took down” the kid who punched their sister!! My kids are always bickering and fighting but by jumping to defend their sister it showed me that deep down they love eachother and protect one another!

  5. N Conrey

    I laughed out loud and snorted reading this one! I love this one and would take my kids out to dinner and ice cream if this happened at my house!!!

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