Rule #75

Rule #75:  It is not ok to drop bits of leaves, pieces of twigs, pebbles, etc. down the bathroom sink just because “they’re small enough to fit in the hole, so it can’t clog!”  (Mommy would explain the flaw in your reasoning, but she’s too busy plunging the drain right now.)

Thanks, Wendy W.!


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4 responses to “Rule #75

  1. It’s still draining too slowly, a day later. I’m thinking we may have to invest in a drain snake. Or will that make the kids think it’s ok to do it again, because Mom can always fix it again??

  2. Whitney

    Oh my!! Lol. I caught Landon trying to put my phone in the toilet. I just don’t get what is SO fascinating about that!

  3. Kelly Herself

    Lizzie’s preschool’s classroom has small screens in the sink drains. I had never seen anything like it. I innocently asked if they were to prevent the little girls’ jewelry from falling into the pipes and was told, “Umm…no, they are to prevent all of the clay, rocks, etc., that the kids play with from falling into the drainage system.” I might get some of those for home.

  4. Kelly, if you find out where to get those, please let me know!

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