Rule #205

Rule #205:  The couch is not an artist’s canvas.



Thanks to Sara G. (who assures us that Sharpie does not come out of microfiber). 



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10 responses to “Rule #205

  1. Allison

    …or the carpet, or the cat, or the baby, or Mama’s computer keyboard! (though Red keys are pretty.)

  2. Oh my…that’s some real, um, artwork there. Yep, we have all sorts of marker (and nail polish, ugh) on all of our furniture. We’ve decided to stick with our cheapo college kid furniture indefinitely.

    I wouldn’t imagine it would come out. But someone on facebook said they got sharpie off their microfiber couch with the magic eraser. Worth a try, I suppose.

  3. Tanya S.

    I’ve heard vodka might work on fabric to remove it. If it doesn’t, you could always just drink it.

  4. Message to the mama with the marker-couch…. I have a matching artist in my home and that marker absolutely WILL come out of microfiber, if you soak it with hair spray first. OLD marker will come out with hairspray. it’s good for more then pouffy bangs, hairspray will get out almost any kind of ink from almost any surface. good luck, here’s to hoping they out grow it.

  5. I’ve used Dr. Bronner’s to get Sharpie off of a few other things, haven’t tried microfiber, but I sure would!

    Good luck!

  6. Look at all of us Mommies trying to “fix” the couch. Yeah it’s cringe-worthy. My son wrote HIS NAME all over my couch in sharpie once. HIS NAME! I mean, there ARE five other siblings, you could get creative and maybe shift some blame, but NO! He was too proud of the fact that he could spell his name, and it was ALL OVER my sectional. I got it out with Blue Coral Dry Clean. It took HOURS. But it did come out.

  7. Reina P

    I thought I recognized that couch!!! I’ve seen it IRL…it’s waaaaaaay worse than the pic!!

  8. Beth carlisi

    my 5 year old daughter got a hold of my sharpie while I was at work and drew nipples on all of her babrbie dolls!
    😦 sorry about the couch

  9. AJ L.

    That JUST happened about an hour ago here! (Not that bad though, thankfully) also previously done on the NEW couch was nail polish! Katana (2) has a Love for art….too bad she cant leave it on paper…You should see our walls in the house we RENT! Needless to say we are repainting! Luckily, also, I have this pretreatment spray I ordered that faded it down a bit…

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