Rule #272

Rule #272:  If you do not want to get blamed, do not carve your name in the top of the coffee table.  Especially when you are the only child in the house who is able to spell their name correctly.

Thanks, Nicole W.!


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6 responses to “Rule #272

  1. This is hysterical!

    I always wondered if the kids who did this in school got into trouble for it! I mean, hello! You carved your OWN NAME into the school’s property…duh.

  2. Kala

    I can only laugh at this because it happened to me just a few months ago, except it was on our dining room table. And the funniest thing is that when I asked my son about he he denied it! Really? You’re the only child in the house that knows how to spell your name. I guess the boogie monster did it, right?

  3. Jill

    This happened to me once. Except it was my sister who carved MY name into the table. I got the blame until I pointed out that I was old enough to write my “J” the correct way and not backwards as my younger sister had done.

  4. Randi

    Some things never change. This happened to me over 50 years ago!!! My sister two years younger carved my name in my mothers fancy dressing table and toliet seat! Of course she spelled it wrong….. and was CAUGHT!!!!! I can still spell better than her!

  5. NEVER tell them how you figured it out! My daughter wrote her name on the wall with a crayon and we punished her. So next time she wrote her little brother’s name on the couch with a permanent marker. She did try to teach her 18 month old brother how to write his name, so bonus? (He didn’t actually learn how to write his name for another year though.)

    Mary in TX

  6. Deeanne

    I tried that by writing my sister’s name on the wall in permanent marker…too bad she wasn’t old enough to write…

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