Rule #538: 5 Steps of Grieving for the Parents of Picky Eaters

5 Steps of Grieving for the Parents of Picky Eaters

  1. Denial – This is no big deal.  It’s just a phase.  I’m sure you’ll be hungrier tomorrow.  If I keep putting healthy food on your plate, you’ll eat it.
  2. Anger – Why me?  This isn’t fair!!!  Are you freaking kidding me?  You liked this exact same thing last week.  I worked really hard on this healthy meal, and YOU ARE GOING TO EAT IT!!!
  3. Bargaining – Just try it.  I’m begging you. If you try the green beans, you can have some dessert.  What about the pasta?  If you eat your pasta, you can have a sticker on your sticker chart.  And a tootsie roll.
  4. Depression – Why do I even bother making meals for you people?  Cooking for this family is the hardest job in the world.  I think I’m going to cry again.
  5. Acceptance – Just have another peanut butter sandwich, Honey.


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8 responses to “Rule #538: 5 Steps of Grieving for the Parents of Picky Eaters

  1. Love it and so true! May I repost this on my blog with a link back to you?

  2. You bet. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on dirtyrottenparenting and commented:
    Lately we’ve had some food issues with the kids. Normally, and I’m going to brag here, they are champion eaters who will try most foods and have a huge selection of items that they love to eat. They’re big on veggies and fruits and oddly, only don’t seem to like hamburgers all that much. It really has felt like a bit of a grieving process the past few weeks although I’m clearly in the denial phase, because my champion eaters are on the verge of returning. I just know it!
    But in the meantime, the Meanest Mommy in the Whole Wide World has done a fabulous job of outlining the 5 Steps of Grieving for the Parents of Picky Eaters. Reblogged here for your reading enjoyment.

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  5. messyisme

    My baby is 12 now, so it’s much easier to feed her. She went through a phase when she was three, where all she wanted to eat was canned cooked carrots. With ketchup. Whenever we traveled, I had to bring cans of carrots with me, just in case.

    That was one of her healthier picky eating phases.


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