Rule #21

Rule #21 (by Gretchen H.):  Cats do not like to be dressed up in doll clothes.


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2 responses to “Rule #21

  1. Shana

    Really? My sister and I spent countless hours in our playhouse with many barn cats dressed in doll clothes. Each cat had their own outfit that they wore each time. The best looking one was the orange striped tom cat named Eugene who wore a lovely green velvet dress.

  2. Marcia

    LOL I concure (with the other commenter). I still remember my longhaired sweet cat who never ever refused me, mom hollars up asking what I’m doing, I reply that I’m playing with my dolls. Little did I know she was coming to check on me & caught me red-handed holding my big longhaired cat wearing a pink baby outfit that was much too short for him 😀 To this day she remembers this & tells me she had to go straight to the bathroom LOL.

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