Rule #20

Rule #20:  Mommy does not like this sort of thing….

  • Mommy:  Thanks for putting your clothes in the hamper.
  • 4 yr old:  WHATEVER! 
  • Mommy:  Saying “Whatever” isn’t very nice.
  • 4 yr old:  Why not?
  • Mommy:  It means, “I don’t care about what you’re saying.”
  • 4 yr old:  But Mom, I DON’T care about what you’re saying.



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5 responses to “Rule #20

  1. He is awesome. I wish I could talk to people like that sometimes…lol

  2. Laura

    I love this! #20 is my favorite. These are awesome. Glad you’re sharing the joy. 🙂 What birth conference did you go to?

  3. That’s a precocious four-year-old you’ve got.

  4. Gar

    Ow. that’s just cold. Honest but cold. No idea how you turn that into a teaching moment.

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