Rule #26

Rule #26:  When I said leave the placemats on the table, I did not mean GLUE the placemats to the table.  The irreplaceable 1930’s vintage table.


Guest rule brought to you by Abby G.  I’m finding this one particularly funny, but I’m guessing that’s because it happened somewhere other than my house.




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4 responses to “Rule #26

  1. Gretchen

    Don’t laugh too hard….this smells like a karmic rule, if you laugh, it will happen to you!

  2. Meanest Mommy

    You are so right. Not funny; not funny; not funny….

  3. Aaah, I can laugh at it now that we have looked over the damage and dearest hub has deemed it fixable, although we were panicked at first. Plus, we all laugh at your rules!

  4. I can SOO picture this happening at our house. Good thing we don’t have anything but crappy furniture.

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