Rule #31

Rule #31:  I don’t care how pretty the glittery easter egg is.  Next time, please peel it before you attempt to eat it.


Thanks to Renee C. for the guest rule.  What in the world are you feeding your kid for breakfast?  😉


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3 responses to “Rule #31

  1. Total Asher move. We always have boiled eggs in teh fridge, so they don’t even have to be pretty!

  2. Anita

    Well good for you.I read your rules all the time.You always made me smile.After all these years you still do.I new you would be a GREAT mom.The kids are beautiful.Thanks for the fun.

  3. It was so gross! I was getting our juice and he said, “momma, this is really crunchy.” glitter, shell, and the entire tip of a hardboiled egg. I almost barfed.

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