Rule #198

Rule #198:  No, you may not glue those googly-eyes on your penis and scare your brother and/or dad tonight when you’re changing into your pajamas at bedtime.

Thanks, Jessa F.!


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9 responses to “Rule #198

  1. Andrea B

    Clearly, I am too new to parenthood–I would have told him to go for it! And advised him away from the superglue.

  2. Oh, I’m about to pee in my pants from laughing so hard!! (And it makes me want to get some googly eyes and suggest it to my kids!) Oh, that’s so funny!!

  3. Liz

    I know some adults who might try the same thing.

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  5. I bet there are adults who wish they would have thought of this when they were young enough to get away with it. Hilarious!

  6. Beth carlisi

    way tooooooo funny!! I prbably would have let him do it just to hear his dad call me at work to say wtf!!

  7. AJ L.

    LMBO! OH MY GOSH!!! I HAVE to share this one! I am 33 weeks pregnant with a Boy, I have 2 Girls, Hopefully he doesnt come up with someting like this! Also, I laughed so hard just now, I have to go to the Bathroom! LOL, Thank You, I needed that!

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