Rule #229

Rule #229:  Please do not lock your keys in the car.  While it’s running.  And in reverse.  And we don’t have a spare key.

Thanks to Cindy J.!  Cindy – If you have a chance, comment here.  Where did this happen?  Were you able to get into it somehow? 


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5 responses to “Rule #229

  1. Cindy

    My 16 year old thought it would be a great idea to drive to Perkins for waffles, even though we have waffles at home. Never mind the 17 inches of snow and sub zero temperatures. As he realized that there was a 4 foot drift behind his car, he put it in reverse, got out to try to “push it through” as he put it. He then “somehow” the car magically locked him out. While running, and still in reverse. Not having a spare key at mom’s house, but thinking he MIGHT have one at dad’s – he called his dad – who was at work. Eventually, it was discovered that there is in fact a spare, which dad unhappily drove over. My son gave up on the waffle idea and decided to bake chocolate chip cookies instead. Gotta love snow days. And teenagers.

  2. They told me “toddlers prepare you for teenagers” when I was pulling my hair out chasing mine.

    ….they lied.

    **Nothing** prepares you for teenagers.

    That whole “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” saying though? works well if you replace ‘enemies’ with ‘teenagers’. (You WANT them close so they’ll – hopefully – confide what they’re thinking about doing before they actually do it. omg.)

    Love, Love, Love your blog!

  3. Rici

    OMG! I’m thinking that snowdrift saved a life that day… or ten!

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