Rule #290

Rule #290:  Please do not avoid brushing your teeth as a strategy to get them to fall out faster and speed up visits from the Tooth Fairy.

Thanks, Erin O.!


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2 responses to “Rule #290

  1. Your astute wisdom is only surpassed by the sneaky minds of your children. I hate to see how they try to negotiate in a few years about the car!

  2. Beth

    I caught my (then) 3 yr. old son trying to save his toenail clippings after I trimmed them. upon interrogation he admitted that he just wanted to put them under his pillow in hopes they would be good for something from the toothfairy!! His 6 yr. old sister had been raking in the quarters lately and he was impatient when I told him he wouldn’t lose his teeth for awhile yet! LOL

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