Rule #3

Rule #3:  It is really hard to order the rest of your lunch with a straight face when your kid just screamed “DIARRHEA” into the drive-through speaker.




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7 responses to “Rule #3

  1. Melissa M

    OMG. Hilarious.

  2. Kelly

    Which child?

  3. Mia

    OMG, that’s funny! Once when Sylvia was probably 3, we went through a drive thru. The person came on and asked what we wanted. Sylvia yelled ” I want boobie!” (our ‘endearing’ term for breastfeeding)
    Umm, ya.

  4. Andrea

    OK, this was pee your pants funny and brought tears to my laughing eyes!!!

  5. I think I will use this for the week as my “breathe and remember it could be worse” thought when I’m about to scream at my kids.

    • I commented too soon. It WAS worse. We went out to dinner last Saturday, and DS entertained himself while we waited to order by folding and twisting straws & straw wrappers into various convoluted shapes. So far, so good. Then came the announcement of what he had made…. loudly… and repeatedly… just as the waitress came to take our order: “I made a penis and a poop-hole!” WTH?? (Shut up, kid… no, not MINE; how did this total stranger kid end up at our table??)

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