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Rule #304

Rule #304: Licking the glass door is not the best way to clean it.

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Rule #175

Rule #175:  Don’t put underwear in your oatmeal.

Thanks to Lauren C. who also shared the story on this rule.  “I was busy vacuuming (which was very difficult to do since my kids lost one of the attachments and the cover for the hole that keeps all of the stuff from flying back out, but I digress), and when I finished I came out to the dining room to see a bowl of oatmeal on the floor with a pair of underwear mushed into it.”  Lauren – I hope that teaches you that vacuuming is never a good idea.  😉


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Rule #6

Rule #6:  When your brother grabs your glasses and bends them, it is not necessary to show Mommy what happened by bending them 3 more times.

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Rule #4

Rule #4:  No screaming loudly for more goldfish crackers when there’s a big pile of goldfish crackers right in front of you.

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Rule #3

Rule #3:  It is really hard to order the rest of your lunch with a straight face when your kid just screamed “DIARRHEA” into the drive-through speaker.




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