Rule #37

Rule #37:  Cornstarch is not a toy!


Thanks, Tanya S. for another entertaining guest rule!



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7 responses to “Rule #37

  1. Whitney McNeil

    Oh no!!! LOL

  2. Tanya S.

    Her mother was in the kitchen putting away groceries. That was a brand new box of cornstarch swiped from a bag right behind me. Sneaky!

    • Andrea B

      Was she naked before she swiped the cornstarch? Or she just didn’t want to get her clothes dirty?

  3. What a mess!!! You remind me… mum once bought a new bottle of baby powder when I was two. At home, she went upstairs to the bathroom for about two short minutes. Later, she found the bottle… empty! And the playroom… well, you can guess…

    (Unfortunately, mum’s too shocked to snap a photo of the room…)

  4. Isadora

    Actually, in our house cornstarch is frequently a toy; it’s awesome when you put in on a cookie sheet and draw shapes with your fingers, it makes a wonderful goo when mixed with liquids (for various occasions and projects), and it works pretty well as pretend make-up powder (a little goes a really long way). The Rule around here is that cornstarch is NOT a CARPET toy (please go in the bathtub or backyard to roll around naked in it).

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