Rule #36

Rule #36:  No matter how many times you say it, I will not be convinced that the lyrics are actually “Eenie Miny Mo!  Catch a tiny ho!”


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6 responses to “Rule #36

  1. Andrea B

    I seem to remember when you used to revel in “creative” lyrics . . . like . . .”Pick your nose, pick your nose and wipe it on your clothes” or “C is for Lisa, that’s big enough for me”

    • Meanest Mommy

      OMG Andrea! You are so right! I guess I’m old now. I do have to admit that I don’t remember the “C is for Lisa…” one. What was up with that one?

  2. Andrea B

    Sung to the Cookie Monster song. I belive Paul coined it in reference to your ample . . . decolletage.

  3. Kelly Herself

    Lizzie is convinced the “B-I-N-G-O” song goes something like, “W-I-N-G-Y”. I asked her if she had been watching too much Tommy Boy and and looked at me like I was nuts.

  4. Trina

    This one made me laugh out loud! And believe me, that doesn’t happen easily. 🙂

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