Rule #49

Rule #49:  Mommy doesn’t like it when you bolt at the store, she catches up to you, & you fall on the floor on purpose, making others think she’s pushed you over.


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6 responses to “Rule #49

  1. Eryn Shriver

    My brother’s oldest, when she was 4, had a short phase where she would run away in public and when he caught up with her she would yell, “No, No, YOU’RE not my daddy!?” He was NOT happy. She has since lived to the ripe old age of 12 (this summer) and I’m happy to say that it will all be revisited on her when she has children of her own!

    • Meanest Mommy

      OMG, that’s funny, but not. Suddenly, running away & falling down on purpose doesn’t seem bad at all.

  2. Gretchen

    I knew someone who’s kid did the “not my daddy” thing…so they arranged with the local law enforcement (a small town) to have the police come and “save” the kid by taking him away from the “not daddy” until they could find his “real daddy”. Kid didn’t do that anymore.

  3. Ron Huxley's

    Oh boy, I remember those days. Fortunately, my grandson hasn’t started that yet. Hope he never does. LOL.

  4. Kelly Herself

    At least it wasn’t Sean or he would have bent up his glasses when falling down. 🙂

  5. My youngest brother did this (not to the public though but in front of mum) when he was 4, two years ago. He purposely does it (if I won’t lend him my glitter pens to scribble on his books) so that I shall get in trouble with mum. He shall scream something like, “MUM! She’s pushing me!” And I’ll be in GREAT trouble.

    But he stopped last year when he accidentally cut himself while ‘falling down’ and it hurts him too much…

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