Rule #114

Rule #114:  We don’t put chicken in our underwear.


Thanks, Jean M.!  But I’ve been thinking about this rule…  Was it a rubber chicken?  Chicken McNuggets?  A bantam?  Jean also shared with me that when she made up this rule on the fly, her daughter asked, “Why?” and she had no idea what to say.  Jean – Have you come up with something yet?  🙂


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5 responses to “Rule #114

  1. I agree… No chicken in underwear….. LOL!

  2. Kelly Herself

    Rumor has it that it was a part of a small plastic toy chicken…. Hmm….?

  3. Q. Why can’t you put chicken in your pants?

    A. Because it is (a) Fowl.


  4. Awesome! That’s hilarious!! My daughter is only 19 months, but I know that it is not long before I will be making random rules myself.

  5. Jean

    Yes, Kelly, it was plastic chicken from our play kitchen. I have no idea why she was trying to smuggle it out of the house in her underwear though?? And no, I have not come up with a response as to WHY we dont do that… but I think from now on, my general rule will be that we just dont put ANYTHING in our underwear?? Seems reasonable to me, but who knows??

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