Rule #113

Rule #113:  Meanest Mommy is guessing you can do better than “Tuna casserole peepit flushing toilet” as the punch line of your jokes.


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5 responses to “Rule #113

  1. Mike Thomas

    This is one of the funniest punchlines I have heard. I demand that it be removed from the List.

    • Meanest Mommy

      I’m glad you like it because you know you’re going to hear it a thousand times over the next few weeks. I expect you to laugh hysterically Every. Single. Time. 😉

  2. In our house it’s “chicken mac’n’cheese and DOO DOO!”

  3. At our house it’s “Micky Mouse’s underwear!” Apparently that is nauseatingly funny.

  4. That is hilarious — but only because it’s not being said repeatedly at my house.

    Our knock-knock jokes tend to be …”Banana-head who?” — “Banana-head PANCAKE!” I must be dense, because I’m outnumbered in my failure to laugh uproariously every time.

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