Rule #115

Rule #115:  Just because that rock missed your brother’s head does not make it okay to throw said rock at his head on purpose.

Thanks, Christie CC!


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4 responses to “Rule #115

  1. Marcia

    It also doesn’t mean it’s okay to throw it *again* because you missed. LOL

  2. Christie Craigie-Carter


    Oh, but I think to her it did. Actually, she had her little brother do her dirty work and he didn’t miss ;-).

    Obvee Josh was okay.

    This group rocks! Thanks Lisa!!!!

  3. This was our house just this morning, except insert “mega-blok” for “rock.” It took 4-5 tries, but he eventually actually hit her with a blok. I’m not in favor of blaming the victim, but after he was sent to his room, I did tell her maybe next time she should actually move away a bit, instead of just standing there screaming “Stop it!”; at least try to be a moving target. Of course, that increases the chance *I* will be put in the line of fire, so maybe I should clarify to her that she should not run straight toward me. And oh yes, there WILL be a next time — of that, I have no doubt.

    • Christie Craigie-Carter

      How is it that these scenarios are so hilarious when not in the moment?

      I don’t think things through well, so I’d never have thought to specify that they not run toward me. Wouldn’t work anyway, my oldest two are a tad bit wimpy. Little guy would probably laugh at them until he got hit ;-).

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