Rule #142

Rule #142:  Please learn how to correctly pronounce “directions.”  We get really weird looks when you run around saying, “We need to get erections.”

Thanks, Olivia S.! 


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4 responses to “Rule #142

  1. MaryAnn

    Ro used to call the baby gate at his bedroom door, “the cage.” I always thought it was extra “special” when we would be at Target before lunch and nap and he would ask, loudly, “Do I have to go in the cage when we get home?”

    • Christie

      My two youngest kids are on a gluten-free, dairy-free “diet”. You should see the looks we get when my kids talk about the diet they are on in public (I have skinny kids).

  2. This makes me think of Pioneer Woman’s son who couldn’t prounounce the letter “j” and substituted a “d” for it instead. I think she has 3 recordings of him trying to say juice bag. She’s weird but hilarious!

    Mary in TX

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