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Rule #407

Rule #407: When you ask Mommy the question, “Can you bring me some dangerous things, please?” she will always, always say, “No.” And it does not make any difference if you use your manners.

Thanks, Kristina F.

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Rule #167

Rule #167:  No, you may not dance an Irish jig on the narrow sidewalk that is flanked with oncoming traffic.

Thanks, Christie CC!

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Rule #125

Rule #125:  Sure you can try that, but I hope you don’t die.


JunJulWV 013


Thanks to Katie H. for the guest rule. She is the Meanest River Guide in the Whole Wide World from Class VI River Runners (pictured here with Olivia).  I’ve figured out why no one takes my rules seriously….  worst case scenario is usually a small scratch or broken glasses.  But when Katie gave us the rafting safety rules, EVERYONE listened.


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