Rule #86

Rule #86: 


Never ever ever.


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3 responses to “Rule #86

  1. Good one to know. Similarly, do NOT play with, and then lose, Mommy’s calculator on April 15 when she still has to finish checking the tax numbers. (Yes, I know my computer has a calculator app — but I HATE using it.) We almost missed the deadline because I didn’t make this Rule sufficiently clear to my kids.

  2. Another similar one,

    NEVER HIDE YOUR SISTER’S PHONE and even worse CHANGING THE PROFILE TO SILENT before hiding! Especially when she is getting ready to go out! I know my brother did this for fun but it really annoys me.

    BTW, Happy Mother’s Day to The Meanest Mommy In The World and all of the kinder Mommies too…

  3. Shanon

    At our house, I occasionally hear a screaming female followed by a laughing boy. Then I hear…MOM, tell him they are NOT LIGHTSABERS! as he runs away with her knitting needles.

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