Rule #133

Rule #133:  When Mommy says, “Don’t pour the salt on the table!!!!” she does not mean to go ahead pour it on the floor.

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4 responses to “Rule #133

  1. Jeez! I should have taken a picture of Thalea pouring pepper all over her feet and the couch yesterday! What is it with the seasonings?? lol

    • Meanest Mommy

      Funny! I could have posted salt & pepper pics. That would have been cute. Were you able to get it cleaned up okay? I’ve swept, vacuumed, and mopped the floor, and I’m still feeling the salt grains. Grrr.

      • Tony vacuumed while I took her to the bathroom for a rinse. I was amazed she didn’t get any in her eyes. She had it all over her hand and rubbed her eyes on our way to the bathroom. Eeek! I was waiting for the scream, but she must have found a clean spot. lol I think he got most of it, but living room still smells peppery. Yikes! That would have been a great pic to go with your salt! lol

  2. Oh, too funny — but only because it hasn’t YET happened at my house. I can *totally* see my younger kid sweeping it to the floor because I said it shouldn’t be on the table.

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