Rule #166

Rule #166:  When Mommy reminded you to bring your leftover cold lunch home from school, she meant the uneaten food and the lunch box.  She did not mean that half full juice box which is now all over your backpack, your take-home folder, your library book, and the van.


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5 responses to “Rule #166

  1. Eileen

    The same applies to pudding packs. Ish.

  2. Jean

    That happened to me just yesterday!!

  3. Emily

    Or the banana you stuck into your jacket pocket to save for later … and ended up with smooshed banana all over the inside of your pocket

  4. Chris

    Just had that one happen this week…….GAH…

    • Meanest Mommy

      I mentioned this to the kindergarten teacher, and she said that it happens ALL THE TIME. She usually catches it because there will be a trail of milk or juice from the cafeteria back to the classroom, but my kid must have put his juice box away nicely so it didn’t spill until the lunch box went in the backpack. Ha!

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