Rule #226

Rule #226:  Please do not ask for a snack as soon as your feet hit the floor when dinner is over. 

Thanks, Tanya S.!


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6 responses to “Rule #226

  1. MaryAnn

    UGH! I hate that! Or the “I am full… can I have some ice cream.” Uh.. no.

    • Sherrie W.

      Jack does this EVERY night, but waits at best 10 minutes. Drives Aaron up the wall because getting Jack to finish a meal is an achievement in and of itself!

  2. my 15 month old has this one beat. He vigoriously signals he is done with his dinner and wants down from his high chair. But, when you are lifting him out, always snags one last bite! If he doesn’t manage to grab an extra bite, once he’s on the floor, he’ll try to climb back up into the chair to grab it! (if you put him back in the chair to try to get him to eat more he’ll refuse, but he must have that last bite) Then of course he has the, I think, normal toddler thing going on where he will be ‘all full’ with HIS dinner, but will be happy to eat some of yours.

  3. Seriously! You’d think dinner is only the thing we have to do to get to the snack. Wild!

  4. Amy

    My oldest is almost 12. You must’ve been at our house last night and heard those exact words come from his mouth.

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