Rule #295

Rule #295:  Do not expect me to feel sorry for you when there is “nothing to do” in your timeout.  That’s the point, kid!


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3 responses to “Rule #295

  1. Also, if I tell you that “if you were having fun, it wouldn’t be punishment” and you subsequently starting yelling that you “love timeout it’s so much fun” I still won’t believe you and you are not getting out of the corner.
    And if you decide to bang your head on the wall while in timeout, I am not going to have a whole lot of sympathy for your headache.

  2. Meanest Mommy

    My kids sometimes hit their heads on the wall during timeouts too. I’ve never understood the fun of that.

  3. someone once told me that it is a sign of superior intelligence, but it doesn’t seem all that smart to me lol

    today my 3 year old tried to convince me “there is no wall” in an attempt to not have to face it. very matrix-ish, but it did not exempt her from her time out.

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