Rule #402

Rule #402:  Please do not sing “I like big butts.”  Loudly.  At McDonald’s.  At a large woman.

(Part II of this rule for the Meanest Mommies…  Do not EVER let your child hear the song “I Like Big Butts.”)

Rule anonymously submitted.


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3 responses to “Rule #402

  1. Amy

    bahahahahaha!!! that sounds like something my kids would sing to people, or at them.

  2. ….they hear it and learn it from Shrek! My kids sang it between Sunday school and church one morning, going down the hallway! Complete with little 4- and 5-yo dance moves. Holy cr*p!!

  3. My kids would probably do the same thing. I am sure the lady got a kick out of it. (I know my big butt would have.)

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