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Rule #453

Rule #453:  When the gate at the bottom of the stair is closed it means you are supposed to stay downstairs.  It does not mean to get a box, stand on it, climb over the gate, and draw on the walls of Daddy’s office with marker.

Thanks, Jayne D.

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Rule #417

Rule #417:  It is not ok to draw a beard on yourself with a marker, and it definitely is not ok to draw a Snidely Whiplash moustache on your younger sister, even if the marker is washable.

Thanks, Rootie (who is one of the world’s Meanest Daddies).

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Rule #87

Rule #87:  Please do not write your unwanted opinion on your sister’s year-end Preschool Program invitation.

Preschool Rocks, er Sucks

Preschool Rocks, er Sucks

Thanks, Kelly S.  And my sincere apologies to Lizzie and her Preschool Program invite.


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