Rule #57

Rule #57:  You may not eat the candy that you find on the ground at the park.  And when Mommy says, “SPIT IT OUT!” you are expected to obey & not just chew faster.

Thanks, Renee C.!


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7 responses to “Rule #57

  1. Mary

    And don’t put used cigarette stubs in your mouth either. Eeeew.

  2. What’s the verdict on eating playground sand: better or worse than candy from the ground?

    • Meanest Mommy

      Excellent question. I dare you to call your family doc & ask. 😉

      • Our family doc, who has actually taken the time to get to know our kids, probably wouldn’t bat an eye. She would know it’s not just a theoretical question.

  3. Sara

    I vote worse… Whatever illness they might get from candy, I think beats the possiblity of brain worms from dirt…. I saw it on mystery diagnosis… btw, not the best show to watch when you have kids…

  4. Andrea

    This one made me laugh so hard tears leaked out my eyes! Thank you!

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