Rule #58

Rule #58:  No screaming “I peed a chicken” in public places (unless of course, you actually do pee a chicken).



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2 responses to “Rule #58

  1. I would think this was too bizarre to be true… except that my own child, when asked by his preschool teacher what he was going to have for Thanksgiving, declared, “I eat a chicken and then I burp.”

    This is even stranger because we’re vegetarian and thus don’t eat chicken, let alone burp afterwards.

  2. Meanest Mommy

    I wish it was too bizarre to be true, but we went through several weeks of the 4 yr old loudly screaming, “I peed a chicken!” then laughing and laughing. Luckily, I haven’t heard this one in a few weeks. (Although I realize by saying that, he’ll probably start up with it again today.)

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