Rule #84

Rule #84:  It is not safe (or comfortable or possible) for you to wear your backpack on your back while you are strapped into your carseat.  You might as well stop screaming about it.


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3 responses to “Rule #84

  1. OMG, I thought I had the only kid who wants to wear his backpack in his carseat.

  2. My 3-y/o too!

    Somebody on f/b linked to the newest of the rules, and I’m having fun reading through all of these, and will be adding this to my Reader — a laugh a day is just what the doctor ordered! 😉 Unfortunately, some of these are all too true…

  3. I actually let my 7 yo do this… he sits in a booster so I guess it works, but maybe I shouldn’t? It’s never a very full backpack, just a couple of papers…

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