Rule #222

Rule #222:  When Mommy is in the shower for 3 whole minutes, you may not:

  • Try to push the dog in there too

  • Flush the toilet multiple times

  • Throw her towel in there with her

  • Climb on the counter to get a snack


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2 responses to “Rule #222

  1. Yeah, I’m seeing you create a whole ‘nother blog devoted to this one rule. “Things You May Not Do While Mommy Is In The Shower!” There’s no telling what I’ll find once I get out of the shower!

  2. Beth

    This is why I didn’t shower for days on end when my girls, who are 13 months apart were younger. I was lucky if the worst thing I found was a naked child on top of the fridge with a knife and the jelly. It is still iffy and they are 4 and 5 now.

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