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Rule #556

Rule #556:  Please pee BEFORE you get in the shower.  And if you forget, its not funny to pee on your sibling who is taking a shower at the same time.  (OK, maybe its kind of funny).

 Thanks, Jill C.

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Rule #296

Rule #296:  It is NOT ok to scream as if you’ve lost a limb, dragging Mommy out of the shower to make you pink lemonade.  Or to fix the malfunctioning DVD player.  Or to find your other sock.  Or because you smell something “weird.”

Thanks, Heather H.!

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Rule #264

Rule #264:  I know how much you like your new iPod, but that is no reason to video record every minute of our lives, including Mommy coming out of the bathroom in a towel.

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Rule #222

Rule #222:  When Mommy is in the shower for 3 whole minutes, you may not:

  • Try to push the dog in there too

  • Flush the toilet multiple times

  • Throw her towel in there with her

  • Climb on the counter to get a snack


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Rule #148

Rule #148: No, you may not come into the bathroom when I am taking a shower to see if I want to pet that stupid tiny plastic dog.

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