Rule #323

Rule #323:  Please do not sneak into your big sister’s room when you are supposed to be taking a nap and color on your hands, feet, and face with marker.


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3 responses to “Rule #323

  1. I wonder whats the last number on the rule book. Amazing though, it went as high as #323 now. And I bet it will continue to rise.

  2. MaryAnn

    Sometimes I wonder if R and G are the same kid? R currently has red palms and tummy. 😀 And I really don’t know how you get red marker out of a bellybutton. :\

  3. Karen

    Ha ha. Love that you have him 1. in Tub and 2. took a picture of what he did.

    As an elementary art teacher I get photos of stupid stuff kids do with markers all the time. Just waiting till they turn into a senior in high school and I can buy a yearbook ad and put their picture in it… hahahahah

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