Rule #349

Rule #349:  Yes, you must wipe EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.

Thanks to Robyn H. who made this rule in response to this conversation with her 5 year old son:

  • Mom:  Don’t forget to wipe this time, Son.
  • Son:  I already wiped last time.
  • Mom:  I know you wiped last time, but you still have to wipe this time too.
  • Son:  But I already did before.
  • Mom:  If you don’t wipe every time, you will get a rash.  You HAVE TO WIPE EVERY TIME YOU GO!
  • Son:  Every DAY even?
  • Mom:  Yes, son…..every time you go…..every single day…….((sigh))
  • Son:  GEEZ…….


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3 responses to “Rule #349

  1. 😀 I love all of your posts. This one hits especially close to home. *sigh*

  2. Lupe

    I also have to say, “Wash your hands every time.” “Every time?” “Every time!”

  3. Reminds me of myself at about five or six. One Saturday morning, happy to have a “no school” day and pretty much not have to do anything, I responded when my mother asked me if I’d washed my face that morning, “I washed it last night.” That then brought on an explanation of the oils in human skin and what happens while said human is sleeping.

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