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Rule #461

Rule #461:  Just because I let you pee behind Mommy’s car in the parking lot because the library wasn’t open yet and you REALLY had to go, doesn’t mean that you ALWAYS get to pee in the library parking lot. 


Thanks, Andrea B.


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Rule #349

Rule #349:  Yes, you must wipe EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.

Thanks to Robyn H. who made this rule in response to this conversation with her 5 year old son:

  • Mom:  Don’t forget to wipe this time, Son.
  • Son:  I already wiped last time.
  • Mom:  I know you wiped last time, but you still have to wipe this time too.
  • Son:  But I already did before.
  • Mom:  If you don’t wipe every time, you will get a rash.  You HAVE TO WIPE EVERY TIME YOU GO!
  • Son:  Every DAY even?
  • Mom:  Yes, son…..every time you go…..every single day…….((sigh))
  • Son:  GEEZ…….


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Rule #134

Rule #134:  No peeing off our hotel room balcony.

Thanks, Jana & Dave W.!

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