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Rule #349

Rule #349:  Yes, you must wipe EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.

Thanks to Robyn H. who made this rule in response to this conversation with her 5 year old son:

  • Mom:  Don’t forget to wipe this time, Son.
  • Son:  I already wiped last time.
  • Mom:  I know you wiped last time, but you still have to wipe this time too.
  • Son:  But I already did before.
  • Mom:  If you don’t wipe every time, you will get a rash.  You HAVE TO WIPE EVERY TIME YOU GO!
  • Son:  Every DAY even?
  • Mom:  Yes, son…..every time you go…..every single day…….((sigh))
  • Son:  GEEZ…….


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