Rule #383

Rule #383:  If I take out the bathroom trash one more time and a get a handful of pee, you will no longer be allowed to pee in the bathroom.  You will be peeing either downstairs or outside.

Thanks, Jennifer E.!


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9 responses to “Rule #383

  1. I heard of a mom who spread kitty litter around her toilet to prove to the men in her life just how bad their aim was…with a hubby and 2 boys, I just may resort to the same thing!! Or install a urinal in the basement!

  2. Ei

    I have gone through periods where I mandated only sitting peeing. Yeah, since I won’t be with them in the bathroom it rarely works, but…it was a thought.

  3. Meanest Mommy

    Agree, Ei. We require the boys to sit while peeing at home; otherwise, the mess is ridiculous.

    • Katherine

      Yeah. My little boy was a sitter until his grandmother thought it would be a good idea to encourage him to stand. Since then, he has twice pooped on the floor while peeing standing, and I have not sat on a dry toilet seat in weeks!

  4. Sherrie

    Or, you could just have the offender CLEAN the bathroom which has worked at our house. Only takes a couple of times of scrubbing the toilet and the floor near the toilet to fix the aim.

  5. Brandi

    I always had my son toss in a square of toilet paper and told him to shoot it. Worked (almost) every time.

  6. keri g

    mine did this, peeing in the garbage, and it was almost full with pee. I had no idea why their bathroom smelled so bad! Boys are nasty! Unfortunatly I was busy and stuck the garbage can outside, and forgot about it. It was Dec and it froze! So we had a yard full of frozen pee chips mixed with some random garbage for a couple days!

  7. Marcia

    OMG, I’m catching up on rules I missed for a year & was so thrilled to see I’m not the only one dealing with this!!
    Just 2mo ago I bought a new trash can with a lid & a foot pedal (didn’t need the pedal, just the lid lol) because, like some mentioned, the bathroom was always stinking & come to find out, somehow my 6yo son was bypassing the BAG and getting it in the can under the bag (HOW, I’ll never learn I’m sure). I was getting so irate at him doing this I got my new trash can & he has become the appointed toilet cleaner. Told him when he stops peeing on everything he can stop cleaning it up, until then, he’s cleaning the toilet, not me!
    Unlike a previous commenter, this hasn’t fixed it for me, during the first cleaning spree he tells me “ma, I think I’m getting the hang of this!” & he actually enjoys cleaning the toilet, REALLY??????

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