Rule #43

Rule #43:  On  Easter, you may not scream and cry because Mommy & Daddy won’t let you throw the hard-boiled eggs.  And while we’re making Easter rules, please don’t put any more M&Ms up your nose.

"Please let me throw the eggs!"

"But I wanna throw the eggs!"


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2 responses to “Rule #43

  1. Tanya S.

    Pastel colored M&Ms are also not for throwing.

  2. lncooper

    Ah yes, it didn’t take Brayden long to figure out that if you threw the plastic eggs that M&Ms would fly everywhere. He also really enjoyed taking a dozen of the hard-boiled dyed eggs out of the fridge & throwing them as well. I don’t think anyone put any M&Ms up their nose this year. . . at least, not that I’m aware of yet.

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